Top Reasons You Should Get Your Children Swimming Lessons

As the seasons move on and the chilly winter days give way to warmer, sunnier ones, thoughts naturally turn to summer time activities, namely frolicking on the beach, playing outdoors and swimming. If you can’t swim however the latter will not be quite so appealing and so for parents of children who have yet to experience the joy of weightless entertainment there are a three options to get them into the water. You can teach them yourself, have someone else teach them or have them forgo the activity all together. All have their own merits but we have listed below some compelling reasons you should get your child swimming lessons.

  1. They’re less likely to drown. This might sound obvious, but in the 1980s the American Academy of Pediatrics decreed that the dangers associated with teaching young children to swim outweighed the benefits of learning to swim. Common sense has since prevailed and they have subsequently reversed their position. Data showed that young children who had received formal swimming lessons were far less likely to drown than those who hadn’t learned.
  1. It’s a great opportunity for social interaction. Swimming lessons don’t tend to be one on one affairs and for toddlers who haven’t yet attend nursery or preschool and don’t mix with other children their own age, this is a great way for them to meet and make friends. For older children it is a great way of expanding their social group by mixing with kids outside of their school district.
  1. Improves coordination and confidence. Swimming uses muscles that don’t normally get worked, so children have to learn to use their body in a way they never have before. Once they have mastered the technique of staying afloat they will immediately be more confident and with increased confidence should come a bolstering of self-esteem.
  1. Inspires physical activity and introduces them to a potential new hobby. Swimming isn’t alway seen as a physical activity like running or doing sports, sure swimming laps is, but being able to splash about in a pool or on the beach with one’s friends isn’t a drag. It’s a fun way of getting your kid to partake in an activity that takes them away from the computer screens that are so prevalent in everyday life. They might even be good enough to pursue swimming competitively.
  1. Not everyone can teach. A good swimming coach is like a good teacher, they should create an environment in which the children are encouraged to excel. Just because you can swim, doesn’t mean you can impart this knowledge on to your child in such a way that they grasp the new skill confidently.
  1. Finally, it prepares youngsters for school. For kids who don’t yet attend preschool it is a great way of introducing them to a structured learning environment.

Have a great summer folks!